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Sports and Performance Psychology

  • 1 hour
  • Randburg

Service Description

Performance and achieving what we are capable of is an endeavor that can be extremely frustrating and often debilitating. The difference between falling short of our potential and performing our best is often a matter of our thinking processes and the way we react to emotion under pressure. Addressing performance issues involves a holistic approach in uncovering barriers to performance and mental health that prevent us from achieving our performance goals. One of the barriers to performing our best is when focus becomes disrupted and we get distracted by various internal and external stimuli. This reduces our capacity to focus on the task at hand and detracts from our ability to execute what we have to in the given moment. Through the right mental coaching our ability to focus can be optimized, providing us with an increased potential to excel in a performance context. Resilience training and mental toughness is also a key feature in our approach to improving performance, sustaining effort and bouncing back from setbacks. Studies have shown that resilience is a more reliable predictor of success than talent or intelligence. Ian works with all sporting and performance codes as well as with people in non-sport specific performance environments. He uses a combination of mindfulness, acceptance and commitment and psychological skills training in addressing, but not limited to the following challenges: - Performing under pressure (Clutch Performance) - Performance anxiety - Performance optimization and maintenance - Returning to performance after injury - Improving decision-making under pressure - Building resilience and mental toughness - Working with teams in assessing and improving team dynamics - Instilling a healthy culture in a team environment

Contact Details

  • Northgate Office Park, Northgate, Randburg, South Africa


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