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Individual Therapy

  • 1 hour
  • Randburg

Service Description

Individual therapy is offered in person or through preferable online platforms. Individual therapy is geared towards addressing a wide variety of challenges that impact functioning on many levels. Therapy is predominantly conducted from a cognitive behavioural standpoint, which means identifying and understanding and intervening with problematic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving in response to triggers or events that we experience, in order to realise alternative outcomes and ultimately reduce suffering and improve quality of life. However, given that everyone is unique including their experiences, therapeutic approaches are adapted to suit the needs of the individual in a non-judgmental and collaborative fashion. Therapy addresses challenges that range from processing and responding more effectively to everyday hardships to mental health disorders that impair functioning and quality of life. Therapy is used to treat, but not limited to the following: - Generalised Anxiety - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic and Specific Phobias - Depression - Difficulties related to Adjustment - Bipolar Disorder - Trauma - Grief and Bereavement - Burnout

Contact Details

  • Northgate Office Park, Northgate, Randburg, South Africa


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